The decentralized Experiences marketplaceStarting with gastronomic experiences

Our mission at TheGastronomie is to disrupt the Travel’s Tours and Activities industry by providing a decentralized Experiences marketplace.

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No Commission

0% commission for hosts, forever.

Secure Payment

Book, send and receive money that gets held in token until after a successful exchange of services

Arbitration System

A decentralized arbitration system that resolves user disputes

Reward System

A native rewards system that incentivises user-behaviours

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to positively disrupt the existing market for tourism based Experiences by providing a decentralized experiences booking capability. The DApp will offer a marketplace of peer-to-peer Experiences, powered by Origin Protocol.

Our secondary goal  is to support and develop local communities, farmers, producers and craftsmen by putting back control in their hands.

What is the GAST token?

The Gastronomie token (GAST) powers the platform’s payment system, enabling a decentralised, trustless service, a bridge between fiat and a variety of cryptocurrencies, a powerful rewards system to encourage network effects, and incentivize user-curation and user-arbitration.

Our token is accepted for payment by all participants of the platform. Guests receive a reward for the purchase of experiences and with these tokens, guests can pay for new experiences and local products.

For Guests

  • Connect and pay for experiences
  • Get 5% GAST reward on each transaction
  • Curate and verify existing and new providers

For Hosts

  • Freely advertise experiences to a micro-local & global marketplace
  • Add accommodation if available
  • True meritocracy — the best hosts get the most exposure

Listings will be created using The Gastronomie DApp

The Gastronomie client / server infrastructure already exists and is fully functional. The team recognise that decentralization is key for scalability and adoption of cryptocurrency, so have built a decentralized roadmap.

Critical transactional data such as pricing and availability will be stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Other metadata such as experiences descriptions, images, reputation, and reviews will be stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and cryptographically linked to a smart contract.


A pragmatic approach

Idea Conception The founders envisaged a global marketplace of experiences, starting with gastronomic experiences.  
November 2016
MVP built (Client/Server) The founders self-funded and built an MVP app using fiat payment gateways.
March 2017
Addition of accommodation listings The founders decided to add a peer-to-peer accommodation listing feature to the platform.
July 2017
A Gault & Millau gold award Chef joins our advisory board Jean Luc Tartarin, a Gault & Millau and Michelin Award Chef joins our advisory board.
October 2017
Partnership with Origin Protocol Signature of partnership with Origin Protocol.
February 2018
Soft Launch Soft launch into a major French Region.
March 2018
Public Launch Public Launch targeting French and British Markets.
June 2018
Release of TheGastronomie DApp on Ethereum testnet Launch alpha on Ethereum testnet, powered by Origin Protocol
October 2018
Phase 1 decentralized marketplace Integration of reward, curation and arbitration smart contracts.
March 2019
Phase 2 decentralized marketplace Fully decentralized services and governance.
September 2019
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